Community Education & Outreach


Friday, April 20, 2012


Evansville Community School District, Training Room
340 Fair Street
Evansville, WI 53536


Mayor of Evansville, Sandy Decker; Evansville School District Administrator, Heidi Carvin; Evansville Water and Light Chairperson Jim Brooks


Evansville Energy Fair


Evansville Energy Fair - 4:30 The event is part trade show, part farmer’s market, part science fair, and all fun for the whole family. Displays, exhibits and demonstrations support the theme of Energy, Environment, Education, Evansville, and U.

10:00 Registration
10:15 Overview, The State Energy-Extension Partnership Program
Megan Levy, Director Local Energy Programs, SEO
Sherrie Gruder, Sustainable Design Specialist, Energy Program Coordinator, UW-Extension
11:00 Evansville’s Energy Independence and Sustainability Highlights
Sandy Decker, Mayor of Evansville
Heidi Carvin, Evansville School District Administrator
11:30 Attendee Introductions
11:55 Energy On Wisconsin: Survey Findings, Sherrie Gruder
12:15 Lunch – Cool Choices: making sustainability fun, easy, & social, Kathy Kuntz, ED
1:15 Panel: Community Energy Education and Outreach
Jason Kauffeld, UW-Extension Educator, Green Lake County – business
Jess Leinberger, Southwest WI Energy Collaboration, multiple communities
Sandy Decker, Mayor of Evansville, small municipality
Group discussion and sharing on energy education and outreach
2:45 Break
3:00 Community Based Social Marketing, Sherrie Gruder
3:30 Funding Opportunities and Focus on Energy developments, SEO
4:00 Sharing and Program Feedback
4:30 Evansville Energy Fair