WPPI Kaukauna Municipal Building Solar Project

November 23, 2016

The newly installed 80.6 kW PV Solar at Kaukauna City Municipal Building roof started producing energy on September 1st 2016. The system is net metered. The project was funded with the assistance of a WPPI Energy grant of $100,000. The PV Solar was 100% engineered and installed by Kaukauna Utilities engineering, electrical and maintenance crew.  The PV solar system consists of:


248 panels (325 watt each) SolarWorld’s Sunmodule 325XL Mono

Utilizing 124 – 700W Solar Edge optimizers  

(5) -14.4KWac Solar Edge inverters

100% Ballasted Solar dock system used for the rooftop application. 


Kaukauna, WI


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